As we embark on a new year I wish you all much joy and success in your fundraising efforts!  Here are 10 resolutions I’m committing to – and I hope you might as well.

1. I will say thank you more than I say please.

2. I will focus my time where it counts most – on building relationships with donors, corporate partners and board members.

3. I will always remember that my job is to help donors fund the changes they want to see made in the world. 

4. I will understand the cost per donor and long-term donor value for each of my fundraising channels. And the way I allocate my budget will reflect that.

5. I will find unique and sincere ways to let our donors know they’re important. Regularly.

6. I will invest more time in major gifts and planned giving.

7. I will make sure my organization has a best practice website, designed to give donors the information they need in order to wisely invest in our cause.

8. I will find ways to invest in my staff so we can retain our best people.

9. I will remember that social and mobile media are tools I can use to enhance relationships. They aren’t a goal unto themselves.

10.  I will commit to test at least one new strategy, fundraising channel, technique or audience in the coming year. Maybe even two.  Or three!

What resolutions would you add?