Building Your Case for Support

At the center of every fundraising campaign is the case for support.  The case arms staff and leadership to engage the community in achieving the vision of your organization.

Case statements should be written in simple English, understandable to anyone, regardless of formal education level.


Your case should:

  • Be a forward-looking document that acts as an investment prospectus
  • Provide emotional and rational arguments for your ask
  • Cast a broad and compelling vision for the community
  • Contain supportable and defensible statements
  • Be optimistic yet measurable
  • Compel people to act
  • Include supporting testimonials, images and data


Your case statement must answer the following questions:

  • What’s the problem, and how do we propose to solve it
  • Why is this important to the community, and why now
  • What’s the market and competitive landscape
  • How do you plan to finance the solution
  • Who are the key leaders of your initiative

What is your organization’s track record of success on similar projects?