Getting to know your donors can be a somewhat daunting and uncomfortable responsibility.  It is also a responsibility that many organizations fail to invest in with regard to preparing and training its volunteers for success.  Last spring, I was interviewed, briefly, by a journalist that was looking to spotlight the challenge that organizations face when trying to build long-term relationships with complex and sophisticated donors who are being bombarded by nonprofits looking for philanthropic dollars.

In a nutshell, my response focused on creating a meaningful connection between the organization and the prospective donor.  But, the key to building that kind of relationship begins many a step before actually picking up the phone to introduce yourself to the prospect.   I’ve told my daughter that the best way to get to Carnegie Hall is to practice, practice, practice!  That is a saying that has been preached thousands of time between parents and children, teachers and students, coaches and athletes, etc.  In the world of philanthropy, the best way to get a gift is to do your homework, homework, homework.

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Please note that while the article says there are “six questions” that need to be answered about your prospective donor — there was something that got lost in translation — these are ‘six questions’ but there are many more that may need answering in order to successfully secure a gift from a prospective donor.