Nonprofit-360 Consulting becomes a reality!

In 1986, Jeffrey Prottas had an vision that there had to be a better way for small and medium sized nonprofits to meet the burden of their missions while at the same time achieving financial stability.  For the last 25 years, Jeffrey has been working hard to make that vision a reality.

Today, Jeffrey is proud to announce that Nonprofit-360 Consulting, LLC has been launched to transform the nonprofit experience for small and medium sized nonprofits.  And, for professionals in the field who have been looking for a one-stop clearinghouse of information, resources and coaching without the burden of spending all their professional development dollars in one place, this site will soon top the list of bookmarks in your browser.

With his partner, Andrew Olsen, and a cadre of professionals in every area of nonprofit organizational development, NP360 is here to help!  Come back soon to see how our practice has grown and come back often to be exposed to industry best-practice, white papers to help  your organization succeed and resources that will enable every department in your organization to be more efficient, effective and successful.

Let us know what you want and what you need so we can give you the tools to be more successful.