Talent Management, Acquisition, and Retention

People — they are who make our organizations great.  While your organization might have a tight mission, great programs, engaged leaders, and a dedicated staff, the question is — for how long?  Does your organization have a plan for retaining staff over the long-term?  What about your volunteers — how is your organization going to develop leaders who don’t decide after a year or two that they have had enough of your organization and its time to move on to someplace else?  If your executive director of 15 years suddenly decides to leave or retire, what’s the game plan?

Talent management is much more complicated than simply thinking about it as just ‘recruiting’.  Keeping your eye on the bigger picture, understanding what the needs of the organization not only in the short- but also in the long-term is what is most important.  If you are looking to simply fill a vacancy, that’s recruiting.  But, if you are looking to develop a system and strategy for identifying leaders, future executives and key staff — that’s more about ‘acquisition’.  Whether it is a key staff or lay leadership position, being prepared for the future makes dealing with the reality of it much easier to handle.  And, more importantly, how do you retain your qualified staff for the long haul and not make your organization a stepping stone for great talent.

NP360 can assist your organization in developing the search strategy that will produce quality talent for your organization using techniques designed over the years from experience gained from recruiting in the nonprofit, education, finance, and technology sectors.

Our team utilizes a multi-point search process that is tailored to meet your organizations goals and objectives. This process includes a comprehensive analysis of what your organizations needs are today and into the future, including an analysis of current talent assets.  In addition, we will work to identify the best position profiles that can be broadcast across an expanding network of outlets that will provide you with multiple candidates to choose from.  A rigorous screening process will weed out candidates that don’t meet your exact profile, resulting in candidates who are in alignment with your organizations values and outcomes.  All successful candidates will be presented for your organizations’ consideration and interviews will be conducted with those you select in hopes of securing an outstanding candidate.