How We Can Help

At Nonprofit-360 Consulting, LLC we strive to provide growth focused strategies for nonprofits organizations like yours.

As a firm, we concern ourselves with how we can support your mission and bring about extraordinary results for your organization. While this process will always be a work in progress, we believe that we have identified a set of principles that contribute to a well thought out strategic vision and business plan, a comprehensive marketing and communications strategy that will promote the impact of what your organization has to offer, a resource development plan to provide for your short-term and long-term financial needs and an evaluation strategy to provide the necessary feedback to help your organization continue to strengthen and grow.

We have focused our practice to promote, teach, coach and build skills in these areas.

Our team understands what our clients face in today’s nonprofit and philanthropic environment. Each of us is a seasoned professional and actively involved in career management and resource development work.  Ours is a small firm based on the principle that our clients deserve personal, professional, ethical, and customized consulting assistance to accomplish worthwhile endeavors while increasing their programmatic, financial, and operational capacity to deliver on their mission.

We have developed our reputation across the country by assisting nonprofits with personalized solutions for financial resource development, strategic planning, leadership development and training, agency operations, board governance, program development and evaluation, marketing and communications, and information systems and technology.

If you are an executive director, staff member, program officer, a board member, volunteer, or a consultant working in our field, it is our hope that you will find intellectual stimulation, provocative approaches, and useful tools and resources when you work with our team.

Our team of highly experienced consultants provide a wide variety of services, including:

Strategic Planning

Leadership Development

Marketing and Communications

Grant Writing and Grants Management

Financial Resource Development

Event Planning

Executive Coaching

Talent Management, Retention and Acquisition