Corporate Philanthropy

Since NP360’s beginnings, we have worked diligently with nonprofit organizations to build relationships with companies who value high-impact philanthropy.  Our work has focused on taking advantage of mission-aligned grant programs, volunteer opportunities, and securing needed dollars through corporate sponsorship’s.  Over the past couple of years we have worked to create much deeper linkages between small- and medium-sized companies and the communities where there offices are located and their employees live.

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Now, NP360 wants to help companies that are serious about philanthropy develop programs that can benefit all of their stakeholders, will embody the mission, vision, and values of the organization, and create meaningful impact in local, regional or national communities.  Coincidentally, many companies are also looking for innovative ways to connect and involve employees in their communities through volunteerism and create a greater linkage between the dollars invested and the impact they make.

The companies and organizations that we want to work with believe that their philanthropy can create high value and make a real impact on the needs of the community and address pressing social issues facing society.  By designing entrepreneurial and innovative strategies, philanthropy can be a means by which companies not only support local nonprofits, but also enhance their images with past, current, and future customers.

NP360 offers a range of services to companies looking for help with strategic and program planning for new or existing philanthropic initiatives, outcome development and assessment, grants management systems, increased volunteerism, and greater connectedness to the community in general.  For those companies that already have a corporate giving program, evaluating the effectiveness of that program is instrumental in creating long-lasting change and working to solve many of the social challenges affecting our society today.


Designing a organizational giving strategy begins with an exploration of the company’s mission, vision, values and opportunities.  NP360 will complete a comprehensive internal scan with key leaders and stakeholders to create a baseline set of inputs, actions, outcomes and indicators of success.

Questions often start with the basics:

  • What core values does your organization subscribe to?
  • Why does your company want to invest in and care about the community?  Is that important to your business model?  How do your employees feel?
  • What impact does your company want to make in the communities where your employees  live, work and do business?

To get more information and help streamline the process, we may conduct focus groups, survey employees, and assess outside factors impacting social issues and communities of interest to the organization. The planning process usually involves a series of planning meetings with key stakeholders, and will result in a strategy that makes a difference and is aligned with the the mission, vision, and values of the organization.

Whether your organization is creating a giving program or corporate foundation for the first time, re-evaluating your current strategy, or looking for ways to improve its impact, we can help:

  • Develop a framework for strategic review
  • Obtain input from key stakeholders through interviews, surveys or focus groups
  • Conduct research and analysis of issues, community needs, and promising approaches
  • Conduct benchmarking research
  • Design a strategic philanthropic plan and structure, incorporating stakeholder priorities and other input
  • Design and implement signature initiatives targeting social issues or community needs
  • Engage employees in volunteering and community involvement
  • Leverage other corporate assets such as in-kind donations and technical and managerial expertise
  • Monitor and evaluate results
  • Revisit and refine strategies

Many companies also seek help with grantmaking, community relations, and other corporate social responsibility needs. NP360 can also help:

  • Create an RFP process, write guidelines, monitor progress, screen proposals
  • Do the due diligence on proposals, including proposal review, site visits, meetings with grant applicants
  • Train staff and employee volunteers on all aspects of philanthropy and grantmaking
  • Facilitate internal meetings, community forums and planning sessions
  • Communicate with grantees
  • Track grants and periodic grantee reports
  • Follow up with post-grant assessment, site visits and meetings
  • Structure and manage ongoing evaluations

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