Ensuring your success

You run a nonprofit. Whether you’re working to improve educational opportunities for children in your community, advocating for social justice in your home town or in a far off corner of the world, or providing access to quality healthcare for children and families in need, you probably don’t have a lot of time for continuing education. Or a big budget to dedicate to staff training.

But those you serve deserve a staff and volunteer leaders that are well-equipped to accomplish your strategic objectives.

If you are looking for a board and staff skill building workshop, a leadership retreat, solicitor and/or organizational ambassador training, or simply a meeting facilitator, Nonprofit 360 Consultants use outcomes-based planning tools and a customized strategic platform to provide your organization with the right tools that will insure its long-term success.

At Nonprofit 360 Consulting we:

  • Provide customized, budget-sensitive training to help your Board, key volunteers and staff understand and embrace their roles in strategic planning, fundraising, and organizational development.
  • Empower your volunteers and staff in identifying, engaging and effectively asking for increased levels of annual and major gifts support. We also empower your staff and volunteers to more effectively manage donor relationships.
  • Keep your leaders and volunteers motivated, attentive, engaged and on-task.
  • Take care of all pre- and post-training logistics and will provide a comprehensive set of recommendations with strategic objectives, designated leadership teams, available resources, guiding principles, actionable timelines, and full accountability.