Strategic Planning For Success

You’ve got a mission to achieve. Whether you’re running a youth summer camp, solving the most pressing problems in your local community or half a world away, you can’t achieve your organizational objectives without a plan. And not just any plan.  A strategic plan that outlines your goals, priorities, resources, strengths and weaknesses.  An organization without a strategic plan is like a ship lost at sea without a map and compass.

Our approach to strategic planning centers on four key aspects:

  • Leadership alignment to organizational vision, mission, values and strategic objectives
  • Intentional design or redesign of your organization’s core programs and relationships
  • Development of key management systems to support and safeguard core programs and relationships
  • Continuous improvement through organizational learning and quality improvement processes

At NP360, we know that successful fundraising, an organizations ability to attract and retain quality leadership, and implement programs and services that allow it to successfully meet and exceed its mission are the result of thorough and comprehensive planning efforts.

NP360 can help your organization plan strategically for:

  • Fundraising and Events
  • Budget, Finance, Administration and Governance
  • Capital Feasibility and Campaign Planning
  • Marketing, Communications and Public Relations
  • Programs and Outreach
  • Volunteer and Leadership Development and Training

NP360 will help your nonprofit organization develop clear, long-term goals with short-term action items that focus on your organization’s identified outcomes.  We will work collaboratively with your staff and board to create a road map that will guide your organization to success.